"Wahai Tuhanku! Janganlah Engkau biarkan daku seorang diri (dengan tidak meninggalkan zuriat) dan Engkaulah jua sebaik-baik yang mewarisi"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apa aku merepek nih...kuikuikui

This is one small expression of my heart for my future husband ..MOHD FADZLI b DZULKIFLI

firstly I want to apologize if I always hurt U ..
I hope U understand the temperament .. hihi
although I'm not another kind of woman a gentle, polite, pretty, romantic, attractive appearance, good cooking, can take heart and .... sometimes I admit I was a little rough, talk a lot, not serious, are most vulnerable when want to call abg "SYG" ... huhuhu ... sorry .. I'm not like that kind of girl .. I do not want to be a hypocrite to myself and others ..

but I want U to know exactly who I love and I love U wholeheartedly..
I know I already made mistakes and hurt a lot of ur right heart ..
from now on we start a new life ..
What has happened is a lesson for us ..

I want to be a good wife for you..
a good mother to our children's future ..

this is all about my sincere expression jus for u my DEAR..

my love is not ordinary love

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